Mr. Irrelevant

A short documentary exploring the fates of three men branded “Mr. Irrelevant” as the final pick of the NFL draft.

Named an Official Honoree in the Sports category at the 18th Annual Webby Awards.

Produced for Sports On Earth.

The Finish Line

78-year-old Bill Iffrig was thrust into the national spotlight after the Boston Marathon attacks. One year later, he talks about his journey.

Named an Official Honoree in the Sports category at the 19th Annual Webby Awards.

Produced for Sports On Earth.

2015 Webby Awards Honoree


Breaking the Ice

A short documentary on the groundbreaking 1988 Jamaican bobsled team. What you know from Cool Runnings is wrong.

Produced for Sports On Earth.

Costco: A Company Built on Values

**Winner of VIDEOGRAPHY/CINEMATOGRAPHY at the 2012 Telly Awards**

A 30-minute documentary-style retrospective video highlighting Costco’s early roots, fast rise and worldwide revolution of the warehouse club business.  The video premiered at the 2012 Costco Annual Shareholder’s Meeting.

USX on Mount Rainier

A pitch video to fund the mountaineering campaign of USX supporting wounded veterans. The filmmakers climbed Mount Rainier with a group of veterans and made this pitch video to help fund the big Mount Everest expedition for USX.

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“Something Soon” – Car Seat Headrest

A music video for “Something Soon” by Car Seat Headrest that serves as the band’s unveiling on Matador Records.

Mackie FreePlay

An ad for the Mackie FreePlay Portable PA system.

Perform. Present. Play.

STARRING: Zach Fleury, Liz Rodrigue, Joel Benjamin, Spac3man

SHOT ON LOCATION AT: Seattle Center, Yogasmith Seattle, The CD

Skype Bicymple

Proof that manufacturing in America is alive and well: Washington’s two-man Bellingham startup, Bicymple. They’ve created an innovative new bicycle and founded a company around it. Discover how they use free Skype group video calling to stay efficient, build relationships worldwide and keep the orders rolling in.

Amazon Web Services – China

MoboTap, Qihoo 360, and TIENS Group use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a variety of reasons, including lowering operational costs, enabling scalability, and providing high availability for users all over the world.

Quantum Geospatial Solutions

Mission owners are challenged as never before. With increases in the amount of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) data–as well as advances in sensor, precision geolocation and packet capture technologies–storage and archive challenges are extremely complex.

Intelligence analysts, military personnel, first-responders and scientists all struggle to capture, process, preserve, and share the growing influx of data. That’s where Quantum’s Mission Information Workflow comes in. #reTHINKstorage

Mackie #KeepThumping

A series of mini-documentaries on influential DJs and producers including Talib Kweli, DJ Irie, DJ Livia, DJ Shacia Payne and Commissioner Gordon Williams.

Mackie THUMP

A 30-second commercial for Mackie THUMP speaker system. Show us your moves.

Mackie Mixbusters

A branded entertainment video for Mackie mixers. The Mixbusters smash, toss and burn the competition to see which mixer comes out on top.

Join the Mackie MixBusters as they return to pit the Mackie VLZ4 compact mixer against the competition in a series of no-holds-barred destruction tests. Brands A, B and Y take another swing. Can they hold up against the Mackie VLZ4?

Duo Pinball

A 30-second ad for the Duo Pinball system by Discovery Bay Games.

Duo Pinball is the app-supported pinball controller for iPad®. F lipper buttons and a spring-loaded plunger make pinball gameplay unbelievably real.

Duo Gamer

A 30-second ad for the Duo Gamer system by Discovery Bay Games.

Take gaming control to another level with Duo Gamer, the app-supported game controller for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With two analog joysticks, d-pad, four buttons, and two triggers Duo Gamer allows you to play a host of Gameloft’s top-rated first-person shooter, role playing, and racing games (available on the App Store).




Parallels – dotCOM Host / Blik

A video case study for Parallels Summit showing how dotCOM host, a web hosting provider, help their customer, Blik, manage its website, database access, passwords, email accounts and FTP accounts by using Parallels Plesk Panel. Blik is based in Venice, CA and has been in business since 2002 and is the maker of innovative self-adhesive, removable surface graphics. The company was working with numerous outside designers and developers, and it needed to be able to give them controlled access to its system, so everyone could share files and collaborate. Parallels Plesk Panel was the perfect self-service management solution.

Produced for Parallels Summit along with 15 other marketing and case study videos.

Parallels – Ovaleye / Automotive Specialties

A case study video for Parallels Summit showing how Ovaleye, a hosting and cloud services provider, help their customer, Automotive Specialties, launch and manage a new website with Parallels Web Presence Builder. Automotive Specialties is based in Duvall, WA and has been in business for 18 years. They needed a new website that had a clean design and included tools like an online calendar social media integration. More importantly, they needed to be able to make simple changes themselves, and Parallels Web Presence Builder was the perfect solution for them.

Produced for Parallels Summit along with 15 other marketing and case study videos.

Parallels – Offshoot / Crow’s Nest

A case study video for Parallels Summit. Thanks to Offshoot’s work and Parallels Plesk Panel, iconic Toronto barbershop Crows Nest now has an easy-to-use web presence that meets all its needs without requiring any technical skills on the part of the shop’s staff.

Produced for Parallels Summit along with 15 other marketing and case study videos.

Bing Social Search

A series of short instructional videos demonstrating how to use the new Bing Social Search feature, combining the popular search engine with Facebook.

Bing Shopping | Bing Friend Recommendations | Bing Travel

Oregon Country Fair

What goes down at the Oregon Country Fair?

How to Duo

A short marketing video for the DUO gaming systems by Discovery Bay Games.  The video shows how to use the Duo Pop, Duo Plink and Atari Arcade game systems using downloadable iPad applications.



Atari Arcade

A 30-second ad for the Atari Arcade system by Discovery Bay Games.  The controller device works with an iPad application to bring the user classic Atari games.


A short marketing video for the Z-App iPad application by digital agency ZAAZ.  The Chief Creative Officer demonstrates Z-App and explains how ZAAZ uses it to enhance creative communication within the agency.

Audi A-7

A short marketing video for ZAAZ on its Audi A-7 campaign. To showcase the car’s bold new design, ZAAZ created an integrated social campaign featuring seven locations around New York City that are also boldly designed.

Seattle Team Shop

Seattle Team Shop between the two Seattle stadiums is the place to be on game day! These two marketing videos put you on the street in all the action for Mariners vs. Yankees and Mexico vs. Ecuador.

SNL: The Game

A national TV commercial for SNL: The Game by Discovery Bay Games. The 30-second ad aired nationally on NBC during episodes of Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Today Show.

Frank Lumber

A short video that tells the story of Frank Lumber The Door Store, including the company values, locations and custom services.

Construction of a Door

An instructional video showing the process of how a door is made at Frank Lumber The Door Store. Shot on location at Frank Lumber’s Kylemont manufacturing facility.

Critical 72

**Winner of 3 2008 Telly Awards***

Instructional disaster preparedness video shot for the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center on location at the Oregon Burn Center. This award-winning project recreated a fictional scenario in a documentary style, chronicling a large scale burn emergency scenario, while detailing all the necessary and critical steps to treat victims over the initial 72-hour period.


Domex Superfresh Growers

A short video for Domex Superfresh Growers showcasing the company’s organic food practices and the process of getting food from the farm to your dinner table.

Ampeg Artists

Artist testimonials for Ampeg bass amps. Juan Alderete, Emma Anzai, dUg Pinnick,  Corey Parks, George Biondo,  Tony Levin,  Ricky Phillips, Gregg Hopkins talk about why they love Ampeg SVT.

Covey Run

A short marketing video for Covey Run Winery.